its been a while since i have been hojin. havent been practicing the values that earned me this buddhist name.

yet still needing this space to channel my feelings as i deal w this world, and interact w the youth i work with towards whom this world has been harsh, cruel.

not about to write a diatribe about how poor people are sick, undeserving or shit like that. its more like poverty is a form of mental illness that is caused by the state, by capitalism. class doesnt take only the form of material deprivation. it manifests itself also in personal, destructive ways, warping beauty, destroying much that is beautiful, leaving us with debris to recreate beauty.

today with A, D, Ro, i felt just sadness. their words so powerful on paper; their awareness of how they have been shortchanged by their parents; their bitterness of what they have been deprived of; their knowledge that things didnt have to be so bad.

i dont know their parents and i dont feel the need to defend them from accusations. i know tho that these same parents are also products of imperialism, white supremacy, war.

all 3 are children of immigrants. all 3 have had their country messed w by the US.

Korean war.

war against immigrants

Ethioipian war against Eritrea

fleeing parents who cannot translate into their childrens’ new languages