Archives for the month of: May, 2010

I feel like understanding the ups and downs and challenges of my life and that of people around me, as a process of being, becoming, and developing class warriors might give it more sense, and narrative. We are going through a lot in our personal lives and we cannot let the struggle and vision disappear from us even as we fight to even survive as a whole person. We fight to maintain community because community needs to exist beyond our own emotional needs; because it is what is needed to enrich and continue the struggle for all humanity. Because it is a training ground of compassion, love, resilience, honesty — values we need for a new society.

Reclaiming the term “warrior” might sound skeptical. But a class warrior to me is not the warrior in an everyday militaristic sense of the word. A class warrior develops herself to comprehend the world’s sufferings, to agitate to fight against what is painful in the world, and in the process be able to create and solidify the new values and relationships that the working class and all oppressed people need to cultivate to be able to run our own societies. A class warrior has to inculcate and cultivate herself as part of the working class, honestly understanding her involvement in the struggle as a part of giving to the class.

A class warrior also fights battles as part of a long war against oppression. The battles have their ups and downs and will test the resilience and courage of the class warrior. She needs to overcome its hurdles and the transience, and often impermanence of the class struggle and see it as part of a longer narrative and process of class warfare.

Winning a long term war might need occasional losses in battles, and occasional retreats. The key is to keep the struggle coherent and the organizational form apparent to absorb these changes.

Flexibility is key in the life of a class warrior. She cannot be fixated on forms and must instead keep her ears to the ground and eyes on the prize.